Buy parquet (parquet Board) cheap in Donetsk, Luhansk. Prices for parquet in the catalog

Buy parquet (parquet Board) cheap in Donetsk, Luhansk. Prices for parquet in the catalog

Parquet Board is a new generation of flooring that has the best qualities of a piece parquet, but without unnecessary difficulties when laying and has a low cost, which will allow you to buy parquet without investing a lot of money.

Design features

At its core, a parquet Board is a structure consisting of three — layer wood of different quality and texture. The upper one is usually made of valuable wood with high technological and aesthetic indicators, while the two inner ones are cheaper wood: pine or spruce. The layers are carefully glued perpendicular to each other, providing high wear resistance to the finished product.

The middle one always acts as a lock connection. To extend the service life, the top layer is covered with a varnish that perfectly adapts to climatic conditions and protects the floor from various environmental influences.

Choosing a parquet Board

There are several main criteria that should be taken into account before buying parquet in Donetsk:

Take a closer look at the thickness of the product, it is the main technical parameter when choosing a quality product, and the strength and price of the material depend on it

Find out how the product is resistant to small and medium mechanical impacts, at this stage you can conduct your own tests

Evaluate the product for moisture resistance

In our catalog, we are ready to offer a parquet Board with high technical characteristics and a large color range, from which you can choose and buy parquet, relying on your personal taste and our professionalism.